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Jen's Story

Jennifer Scheinman, MS, RDN is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience improving women's health integrated holistic wellness. 


Jen coaches her clients on the full spectrum of achieving a healthy lifestyle, including food choices, sleep patterns, stress levels, emotional health, physical activity, and behavior change techniques to lead to an overall healthy lifestyle. Jen’s story is a deeply personal journey. Much like her clients, she too has struggled with her own health, weight and body image. 


Since she was a young girl, these themes were a focus in her life. Jen found herself suddenly 25 lbs overweight her freshman year of college and experimenting with several crash diets to lose weight. She quickly learned that none of these diets were doing her any favors in regards to her weight or her emotional health. Jen knew in her heart there had to be a better way to maintain a  healthy lifestyle, so she set forth on a positive path to change her habits. She started studying nutrition at Binghamton University. 


After earning her B.S. in Biology, Jen continued on her path to becoming an RDN by studying dietetics at New York University and doing her dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In addition to her private practice, she has worked at a Hospital for Special Surgery and for companies such as Alere Health and Optum gaining valuable experience in the health and wellness industry. 


As Jen gained years of experience helping others and approached 40 years of age, she found herself experiencing a lack of energy, weight gain, and emotional instability again. She knew her body was changing and had different needs than when she was younger. 


In response to her own experiences, she decided to earn a Masters in Integrative and Functional Nutrition in 2019 at Saybrook University. Jen added to her knowledge-base and further incorporated modern, integrated and targeted techniques for women 40+ to her portfolio.


Jen’s passion is helping others feel their best no matter what age or gender, and has helped 100s of clients achieve their lifestyle goals. Jen has been quoted in national media outlets such as Cooking Light, and Greatist.

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